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Twintelle Will Be Playable in the Next ARMS Global Testpunch


Twintelle Will Be Playable in the Next ARMS Global Testpunch

Fan feedback works, for once.

ARMS has been the word on everyone’s lips for the last week, with the exhausting fighting game set to release officially in just two weeks. A slew of Testpunches are underway, that help Nintendo get a gauge on how to make the final refinements to the game to make it the most fun experience possible. The Testpunches have been limited so that players aren’t able to just play the entire game without buying it, with quite a few characters locked. This weekend’s Testpunch, however, will have a fan favorite character playable thanks to popular demand.

Twintelle, the glamorous and sexy fighter who uses her hair to fight instead of her actual arms, has been one of the more high-profile characters in ARMS ever since she was announced a few weeks back. As such, fans have been dying to get their hands on her (to play as her, nothing naughty) to see her unique play-style for themselves. It was confirmed that she’d be playable this weekend in a tweet from the official Japanese Twitter account for the game, and that the development team decided to include her in the test because of fan requests.

The tweet is obviously in Japanese, so most of us can’t read it, but it’s been handily translated (thanks, guy on NeoGAF) to “Twintelle will be playable in the Testpunch! This is in response to everyone’s passionate requests!” So it looks like fans’ clamoring actually worked, for once. This will be extremely positive press for ARMS, which is already set to be an incredibly popular Switch game (and hopefully eSport) when it releases on June 16.

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