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The Top 10 Big Announcements We Want To See This E3


The Top 10 Big Announcements We Want To See This E3

Fingers crossed!

10) Call of Duty: WW2 Gameplay Details

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Call of Duty is back, with its boots firmly on the ground this time. After years of ever more futuristic combat, the industry’s most popular shooter is hitting the reset button and going back to its roots. We couldn’t be happier about that and we’re looking forward to some more information about both its single and multiplayer offerings.

The reveal trailer and subsequent story details suggest developer Sledgehammer Games is taking the game’s narrative in an interesting and potentially controversial new direction, which looks like a refreshing change of pace. But we would like some more tangible information on what will set its single player campaign apart from other WW2-themed shooters of the past.

We’re also desperate to see a deeper dive into the dynamic of its multiplayer gameplay. Hopefully, there are some interesting new features that break the mold of what we’re used to seeing in Call of Duty multiplayer. How will the game’s WW2 setting influence competitive multiplayer and will we see the introduction of Battlefield-esque vehicular combat for the first time? More details on the all new team-focused War Mode, which pitches players in iconic WW2 battles will also be interesting.

Oh, and a Nazi Zombie mode sounds pretty awesome, too!

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