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The Massive Original Xbox Controller Is Making a Comeback This Year


The Massive Original Xbox Controller Is Making a Comeback This Year

The nostalgia is strong here.

Almost everyone knows The Duke – the ridiculously oversized controller that shipped with the Original Xbox units. Many hated it, because you either needed huge or very dexterous hands to be able to play it properly. Some, however, loved this controller – the bulky form factor made for a unique but satisfying experience when playing.


These fans will be extremely happy to hear that the controller will be making a comeback for both Xbox One and PC through a third-party company, in partnership with Microsoft. It was announced via a YouTube video, and is being made by Hyperkin, who are well-known for making good quality third-party controller that plays on our nostalgia. According to the video description, it’s being made with the assistance and blessing of the original’s creator, Seamus Blackley, known by some as ‘the father of Xbox’; he’s even Tweeted about it.

The controller, whilst keeping the original size and style, does have a few updates to bring it up to date. The logo in the middle will be on a screen, making it look much slicker than the original controller. Naturally, bumpers that are essential for every modern Xbox game has been worked into the new controller, and now has a 9-foot detatchable cable, letting you charge it up from a long way away.


This announcement falls in line with last night’s reveal that Original Xbox games would very soon be making their way to the Xbox One’s library of backwards compatible games – meaning we’ll be able to play our old favourites with an almost identical controller. We’re holding out hope that old classics like Halo 2 and Jet Set Radio Future will be added to the lineup. Talk about nostalgia.


Featured image courtesy of Gizmodo.


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