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The Biggest Moments From Microsoft’s E3 2017 Conference


The Biggest Moments From Microsoft’s E3 2017 Conference

Everything that you don’t want to miss.

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E3 Microsoft Press Conference: The Xbox One X Gets Officially Unveiled with a Release Date and Tons of New Details

Xbox One X

After a long time waiting and a few details drip fed to fans over the past few months, the highly-anticipated Project Scorpio got its official name: Xbox One X. Not only that, but the console got a set release date of Nov. 7. The product will update all games to look as good as they possibly can, offering true 4K. 8 million pixels, high-def sound, and many more features make for what is being proudly touted as the most powerful console ever.

It will priced at $500, a full $100 over the PS4 Pro. It will be interesting to see how that effects its standing in the market, but color us impressed by the power.

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