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10 Popular Games that Twitch Helped Put on the Map


10 Popular Games that Twitch Helped Put on the Map

With video game live streams slowly overtaking normal advertising, here are 10 games that got made by Twitch.

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Whether it’s a guy just hanging out in his bedroom playing a game, or a live feed from a huge arena where thousands of spectators have gathered to see a major tournament, live streams on Twitch have been able to get thousands upon thousands of concurrent viewers.

This past January, over one million people tuned in to see the finals of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Eleague Major. With all of the traffic that comes their way, many Twitch streamers have been able to assist games from having no following at all to being able to sell millions of units. In this feature, we are going to go through 10 games that were made popular by Twitch shown through the beginnings of each game, how Twitch streamers helped advertise the games, and where they stand today. In no particular order, here are 10 games that can in part credit their success to being live streamed on Twitch.

This post was originally authored by Ian Gibson.

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