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Tekken 7: How to Perform Screw Moves


Tekken 7: How to Perform Screw Moves

How to Perform Screw Moves in Tekken 7

If you’re wanting to get all of the achievements/ trophies in Tekken 7, as well as learn an incredibly handy trick for taking down opponents, you’ll want to know how to perform Screw moves. A Screw is a move that sends your opponent flying and spinning through the air, giving you distance and time before the fight continues. Screw moves also do a ton of damage, too, so they’re definitely something you’ll want to commit to memory.

To perform Screw moves, you’ll first need to learn them for each character. Just like every other move and combo in Tekken 7, each character’s move list is different. While some characters have more Screw moves than others, every character has at least one. To find out how to perform them, simply open the move list by pressing the Options button while in a fight and check out the move list. Any move that has a green icon of a man spinning through the air is a Screw move. Now, simply perform the button combo and your opponent will be flying through the air in no time.

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