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Tekken 7: How to Use Items and Weapons to Attack


Tekken 7: How to Use Items and Weapons to Attack

How to Use Items and Weapons in Tekken 7

In Tekken 7, you can customize your fighters with various different articles of clothing and accessories. Some of these accessories come in the form of weapons and items that can actually be used in battle for moderate damage (though most are quite slow to trigger). Here’s how you can use your items and weapons to punish your opponents during a bout of fisticuffs.

First you’ll have to make sure that you actually equipped some items or weapons. If compatible with a command, it will say so under the name of the item on the customization screen. You have two accessory slots – higher and lower which each have a different command which we have for you here (note these are default inputs):

  • Higher Accessory: Up + Left Punch + Right Kick (Square + Circle/ X + B)
  • Lower Accessory: Up + Right Punch + Left Kick (Triangle + X/ Y + A)

Since the default inputs for the punches and kicks you’ll need for each accessory are diagonal from one another, this can sometimes be tricky to pull off perfectly on a gamepad (much easier on a fight stick). We recommend assigning a shoulder button to the combination you’ll be using just so you can use your items and weapons flawlessly every single time.

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