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Tekken 7: How to Get Eliza


Tekken 7: How to Get Eliza

How to Get Eliza in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is out and it offers up a large roster of over 30 playable characters, and there are even some DLC characters on the way in the future. One DLC character is Eliza, a female vampire who was first introduced in Tekken Revolution, a free-to-play version of the game released on the PS3. She was voted as a fan-favorite and included in Tekken 7 as a pre-order bonus and included in Day 1 Edition copies. Currently, she is not available to buy separately, and it’s not clear when she will be placed on the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Eliza is an interesting character who is the first addition to the game outside of Akuma to feature an EX/Super bar which allows her to power up some of her special attacks, and even pull off a devastating super. She also has the ability to heal through her forward throw (which also does a decent amount of damage) and packs quite a punch while being one of the quicker fighters available in the game.

Downloading Eliza also provides a couple of alternate costumes for her right out of the gate so you can get to customizing this femme fatale immediately.

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