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Summer Gaming May Actually Be Good For a Change


Summer Gaming May Actually Be Good For a Change

You’ll still be busy during the Summer months.

Summer Gaming 2017

final fantasy xiv stormblood

Summer is traditionally a very slow period for video games as everyone gears up for the big holiday rush of releases, or has already released their titles during the spring. This can lead to a bit of a drought for games, with only an odd title here and there. 2017 looks like it could be a bit different, however, as it’s bringing quite a few promising titles over the next few months. It’s certainly not on the level that the Fall or Holiday season will be, of course, but there’s going to be plenty keeping you busy over the Summer months, especially if you’re a big Nintendo fan.

We’ll go over the big releases coming to your systems, including the rest of June, and what’s going to be your best choices for filling your hot Summer days. Of course, there are more releases coming out than what we’ll be talking about, we’ll just be focusing on the biggest and most promising.

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