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Report: No Single-Player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda


Report: No Single-Player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda

Looks like your adventure throughout Andromeda could be coming to a close, permanently.

If you were looking to expand your single-player story in Mass Effect Andromeda, your hopes may just have been dashed. According to several sources close to Kotaku, there isn’t any coming.

Following a post on Facebook that had claimed BioWare had canceled the upcoming DLC, rumors have been swirling mercilessly about the impending cancelation of said content. As it turns out, per Kotaku, the Facebook post itself may have been a hoax, but the story behind it doesn’t appear to be.

This report comes after BioWare looked to make its Montreal-based studio even smaller (the studio responsible for Mass Effect Andromeda) after a massive amount of negative responses from fans. Animation issues and a swath of other problems have plagued the game since its debut, even requiring a patch to help fix some of the missteps with the game in general.

There isn’t any sort of official confirmation that the single-player content previously planned has been canceled just yet, but as Kotaku notes it is strange that the company has not responded to requests for comment, nor have reps gotten back to Twinfinite for clarification either.

If this does appear to be the case, we’ll be sure to bring more news and additional information as to why this cancelation could have happened. It’s unfortunate for sure, as expanded story content in the past has been something fans have looked forward to, especially in the case of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. The omission of additional single-player content for those who were enjoying their time within the Andromeda will certainly be a glaring one, even if you’re simply comparing this release to the past few games.


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