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In the Battle for E3 2017, Sony Just Beat Microsoft to the Punch


In the Battle for E3 2017, Sony Just Beat Microsoft to the Punch

The titans go at it again.

After quite a bit of hype from both camps, Sony and Microsoft finally took to their respective stages at E3 2017 and made their pitches to wow fans and newcomers alike. Both took similar approaches, and while the core goal of getting everyone to like one over the other was the same, they each had side goals in mind as well.

On the one hand, you had Microsoft needing to push a brand-new piece of expensive hardware, a task that is always much easier said than done. On the other, Sony needed to make clear why everyone should stick with them and invest in their future, even though they didn’t have any shiny new boxes to show off like their competitors in 2017. With the two going head to head once again, many watched on to see if Sony would once again steal the show from beneath everyone’s feet with some secret, super huge announcement, or if Microsoft would finally grab the spotlight and hold it with a steel grip.

The best way to take a look at who came out on top is to see who succeeded more at what they needed to do. So we’ll be taking a look at Microsoft’s push with the Xbox One X (the official name of what was formerly known as Project Scorpio) and Sony’s attempt at keeping the focus on their own consoles and their upcoming library.

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