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Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo: Who Treats Players Better?


Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo: Who Treats Players Better?

Who is being treated the best?

Generally speaking, gamers are a funny old bunch when it comes to brand allegiance. We’re often fiercely loyal to the companies that have given us our favorite gaming memories, and that dogged passion often trumps logical choices. Even when publishers are exercising totally anti-consumer practices, it can sometimes be hard not persist in that loyalty, letting a brand become somewhat part of our personality — “fanboy,” we call it these days.

This is, perhaps, more a curiosity of human nature than anything else, yet we should at least try to form our allegiances more strategically. Surely a company should be judged equally on the user experience and the customer service it provides as well as the games it publishes? That should be especially pertinent in an environment where a vast proportion of games are the third party developed and available on multiple platforms.

After all, in an ultra-competitive games industry, it is in a publisher’s best interests to provide the best experience possible to their audience. It is time to start holding the major players of the industry accountable for how much they prioritize this initiative.

So, with that all in mind, we’ve decided to take a closer look at which platforms are providing the best user experience, ranking them according to how great they are to gamers.

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