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7 Promising RPGs From E3 2017 to Watch Out For


7 Promising RPGs From E3 2017 to Watch Out For

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Fans have been waiting a long time for the follow-up to Level-5’s Studio Ghibli inspired RPG, Ni No Kuni. At this E3 we finally got a release date for the upcoming game, along with a new trailer and other details. Ni No Kuni II has drastically changed things from the first game, telling a brand new story in an entirely new world. You play as Evan PettiWhisker, a young king who’s country is suddenly taken from him by a malevolent force. You’ll need to guide him and his allies through their journey to take back the kingdom of Ding Dong Dell.

Combat has also been completely overhauled, opting for a more action-based system that feels like a drastic improvement over the first. You can take a look at 5 big ways it’s improved right here. Additionally, the title will feature a big Kingdom Building element as Evan tries to reclaim his kingdom. Ni No Kuni II is easily one of the biggest JRPGs of the Fall, if not the year, and it’s one to certainly keep an eye on. For more on the game, make sure to take a look at our in-depth Q&A with Bandai Namco.

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