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Pokemon GO: What the Raid Level Is


Pokemon GO: What the Raid Level Is

What the Raid Level Is in Pokemon GO

The biggest Pokemon GO update since its release nearly a year ago dropped this week. It features a complete rework of the gym system and the addition of Raid battles that see teams of trainers come together to take on supremely powerful Pokemon in certain gyms across the world. To get involved in Raids, however, you’ll need to be a certain level. Here’s what the Raid Level currently is in Pokemon GO.

Currently, Raid battles are only available at sponsored Poke Stops around the world such as Starbucks and Sprint stores. You come together in public and private lobbies to work as a team to take down the Raid Bosses. You need to be at a relatively high level to take part so that your Pokemon have a chance of taking on the boss successfully. While the required level started at 35 when the update initially dropped, Niantic is quickly lowering the level every few hours. Currently, the required level is 25 but it could drop again anytime soon.

Therefore, only trainers at that level will be able to take part in Raid events but lower level trainers will be notified of nearby ones. Lower level trainers will have to increase their level to what it is currently set at to take part. We will update this page as and when Niantic lowers the required level.

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