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Overwatch Designers Kaplan & Goodman Talk About Biggest Balance Regrets and New Hero Design

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Overwatch Designers Kaplan & Goodman Talk About Biggest Balance Regrets and New Hero Design

Wait, what is on Roadhog’s nails though?

Ever wonder what balance shakeups the Overwatch team regrets most? Or who paints Roadhog’s nails?  Spoiler alert: it’s not paint. Ars Technica recently released a video featuring Overwatch designers Jeff Kaplan and Geoff Goodman taking on some burning questions. Some were more light and fun while others delved into some interesting game-related topics.

Most interestingly, the designers went into each of their biggest regrets when it comes to character design/balance. Kaplan tried really hard to find a way to keep Mercy’s damage boost up at 50%. Originally that is how it was supposed to be, but they toned her down once they realized how powerful her boosts were. Mcree was able to 1 shot kill everyone with headshots for example. After some time, Kaplan tried to see if the meta changed and the boost would be acceptable again, and it was still just too over-powered. Never again.

Goodman on the other hand regrets Genji having a double jump. Goodman explains that while it seems innocuous, he has to constantly consider how quickly and effectively Genji can zoom around the map when designing/balancing anything else.

The two also discussed how they create new Overwatch heroes with some being designed around a gameplay mechanic, others around lore, and even in the case of Winston, just a picture that inspires an entire playable character around it.

The whole video should be an entertaining watch for Overwatch fans, so definitely give it a go if you have about 10 minutes to spare. You heard what those two regret the most, but what do you should be their biggest design regrets? Let us know in the comments.

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