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Nex Machina: How to Use Secondary Weapons


Nex Machina: How to Use Secondary Weapons


Nex Machina, the new twin stick shooter from Housemarque, gives you a standard weapon that can be modified by pick ups, such as spread and range increases, at all times, but you can also get a secondary weapon that is gained in the same way as the shield and weapon upgrades.

Often hidden in green boxes that are littered around the edge of levels in Nex Machina, you can find a rocket launcher, a sword, and a smart shield as you make your way through the worlds. Once you’ve picked them up, the symbol for the one you found will show in the large circle at the bottom left of the screen, just above the power ups symbol display. Then, to use it in battle, simply press R1 if you are playing on PlayStation 4. For the rocket launcher, a strong missile is fired in the direction you are facing. For the sword, you will swing a sword that will defeat most enemies in one hit. All the secondary weapons are helpful for getting out of tight spots and for defeating the bosses at the end of each level of Nex Machina.

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