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Nex Machina: How to Save


Nex Machina: How to Save


Nex Machina, the new twin-stick shooter from Housemarque, features individual worlds made up of smaller stages that you are prompted to complete in one sitting with Arcade mode.

That focus on Arcade mode being a one-sitting experience means that you cannot save your progress if you want to leave and come back another time. If you do quit, you will lose the progress and will have to start from the first world the next time you jump in. You also lose the scores you set in your first attempt.

However, playing the single levels in Arcade mode does unlock them in the Single World mode. If you only have time for one level, this the mode you should choose. Arcade mode is Nex Machina’s main mode, however, and it is where most of the leaderboards are and it is great fun playing the worlds from start to finish, improving as you go. It isn’t very long, so can be completed comfortably in one sitting, meaning that not having a save function isn’t much of an issue. That is how Housemarque intend the game to be played.

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