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Nex Machina: How to Find and Destroy Disruptors


Nex Machina: How to Find and Destroy Disruptors


Every level in every world in Nex Machina features different enemies, all with different abilities, and destroying certain ones adds to your score on top of the score awarded for defeating standard enemies.

One of the most prominent special enemies are the Disruptors. They are fast moving bug creatures that have glowing green bodies. Instead of attacking you, they will run towards the edge of the map to get away. There are three in each world and you get an extra 10,000 points added to your score for every one you destroy, and there is a trophy for destroying all of them in one world. Once they have gone, you will not be able to get the added score for remainder of the world. The voice over will warn you when one is in the level so be sure to look for it as soon as you are made aware. It is another thing to look out for in the already frantic Nex Machina levels but the look of them, and their unique movement style, make them stand out.

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