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Nex Machina: How to Dash


Nex Machina: How to Dash


The new twin-stick bullet hell shooter from Housemarque, Nex Machina, features incredibly fast paced gameplay that requires you to keep an eye on enemy movements and their fierce weapons. To get away from the fast moving foes, get out of tight corners, and save the humans, you will need to take advantage of your dash ability.

To dash, all you need to do is press the left trigger if you are playing on PlayStation 4. This will make your character move quickly in the direction you are moving and is very helpful for getting away from a group of incoming enemies. You are also unable to die while dashing and you can dash through enemies, lasers, and the pink orbs that enemies shoot towards you. If you are being cornered by a stream of orbs, you can dash through the stream and escape on the other side, allowing you to take out the enemy that fired it.

Dashing also helps you save humans because you can dash towards them before the enemies get to them to harvest them. Keep in mind that you can only dash once every few seconds unless you have picked up the triple dash power up, so use it sparingly.

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