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Minecraft’s 1.12 Update Adds a Fresh Coat of Paint Today


Minecraft’s 1.12 Update Adds a Fresh Coat of Paint Today

Colorful and helpful.

The 1.12 update for the Java edition of Minecraft is out now, developer Mojang announced today.

Called the “World of Color” update, it gives all colored blocks a makeover with the “infamous Jonni Palette 0.2” for wool, sheep, shulker boxes, and banners. Players can also make colored beds and concrete, while adding the decorative, glazed terracotta blocks. The studio created a trailer showing off the community’s best creations with the new colors below.

The update also makes it easier to guide players who may be lost on what to do next with a new advancement system, replacing achievements, and a recipe book that saves recipes and makes crafting less tedious. Check out the full changelog below, including a long-running joke of removing the Herobrine character.

  • Added Glazed Terracotta blocks
  • Renamed Hardened Clay to Terracotta
  • Added Concrete Powder blocks
  • Added Concrete blocks
  • Updated base color palette
  • Added advancements
  • Added recipe book
  • Added Knowledge Book item
  • Added Parrots
  • Added functionality to save toolbars in creative mode
  • Added text-to-speech narrator
  • Added new sounds for the Note blocks
  • Added commands relating to recipes and advancements
  • Many minor fixes and changes
  • Removed Herobrine

In other Minecraft news, the Pocket and Windows 10 versions of the game received the large Discovery Update last week which adds a marketplace for user-created add-ons. Mojang, alongside Telltale Games, also announced today that the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode is coming July 11.


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