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Meet Kayn, The Latest League of Legends Champion


Meet Kayn, The Latest League of Legends Champion

He’ll be reaping his way onto the champion lineup very soon.

The latest League of Legends playable champion has been unveiled, over two months after the last champions, the lover’s combination Xayah and Rakan, were released. His name is Kayn, and he is a human who practices lethal shadow magic, which lets him bring some interesting and unseen mechanics to the Summoner’s Rift. He wields Rhaast, a sentient weapon that constantly tries to take over Kayn’s body and mind. Throughout the course of a match, players will see whether or not Rhaast’s attempts at corruption will succeed or not.

Kayn will, throughout the course of a match, completely evolve and gain new abilities along the way. By hunting down melee champions, Rhaast will gain power, eventually allowing him to completely take control and change Kayn’s appearance and abilities. On the other hand, hunting ranged champions, he will hone his shadow magic and ascend to become the shadow assassin, which again alters his appearance and abilities. If Rhaast takes control, he will passively heal for a portion of all spell damage dealt, but if Kayn retains his dominion and becomes the shadow assassin, he will deal extra damage during the first few seconds of combat.

Kayn’s Q ability is called Reaping Slash, which lets him dash forward and slice all enemies in a radius around him. If Rhaast takes control, he’ll deal extra damage to champions based on their current health.

His W ability, Blade’s Reach, deals damage in a line, slowing any enemies caught. As the shadow assassin, he casts a shadow that instead deals damage in a line, with increased range. Rhaast’s Blade’s Reach knocks up all enemies struck.

Shadow Step is Kayn’s E ability. It lets him walk through any walls on the map (including the really wide ones), which’ll give him a few good opportunities to gank enemies or escape danger. Entering a wall heals him slightly, and casting the ability as the shadow assassin will increase his movement speed and make him immune to slows.

Kayn’s Ultimate ability is called Umbral Trespass. When cast on any enemy, Kayn infests them, moving inside them and becoming untargetable for a few seconds. After a few seconds, or when reactivating this ability, Kayn will wrench himself free, and tear off a good chunk of the enemy’s health with his scythe. As the shadow assassin, Umbral Trespass can be cast from further away and resets the damage from his upgraded passive when he wrenches free. As Rhaast, he will deal extra damage based on a percentage of the enemy’s health, and heal in the process.

You can check out the page for the newest entry into the League of Legends lineup here, if you want to read up more on his lore or about his abilities. Kayn seems to be a really interesting new addition to the game, and these new mechanics will certainly make people rethink what they’d like to choose in champion select. He’s available now in the PBE, but will likely be making his way into League of Legends proper in a couple of weeks time.

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