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Life Is Feudal Forest Village: Tips For Beginners


Life Is Feudal Forest Village: Tips For Beginners

Start Small in Life Is Feudal: Forest Village

Life Is Feudal Forest Village

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village is one tough game if you’re just jumping in and don’t have much experience with this genre. The winter will be really harsh on your village, so it’s imperative that you prepare for that every year. As such, when you first start out, it’s important that you start small. Don’t go building house after house. At most, replace the three shacks you start with, with houses. This will provide better living and better birth rates for your people. Once you’ve built three houses, though, you should stop for awhile. This will yield you a maximum of 15 villagers, and once all of those babies and teens have grown up, then it might be time to expand. But your buildings will only work so long as you have villagers to hire in those jobs, and you’re extremely limited to start. Yes, this may seem sucky, but you really don’t need much to survive at first, either. So keeping your village small is the best way to make sure you can manage it as you go.

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