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Life Is Feudal Forest Village: How to Get Hay


Life Is Feudal Forest Village: How to Get Hay

How to Get Hay in Life Is Feudal: Forest Village

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village tasks you with making sure a small village thrives in some harsh winters and not so harsh summers. You will be able to build your way to the top, and that’s going to require a lot of resources found around you. One such resource you might be wondering about is hay.

This is fairly easy to come by at first, much like trees, stones, and ores. Simply hit the “Collect All Resources” button on the bottom right of your screen (pickaxe and shovel icon), and select the “Collect Hay” option (looks like long grass). Then, you’re going to want to drag and drop your mouse across the land to see all the golden, dried grass that was lying right beneath your nose. It’s easy to think that it’s just normal grass, but using this method will pinpoint each one for your Laborers and Builders to collect.

While trees, stones, and ores eventually have resource gathering buildings you can place, hay won’t and you’ll need to resort to this whenever you want to collect some.

That’s all there is to hay in Life Is Feudal: Forest Village! For more help with the game, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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