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Get Even Uncovers The Truth in This New Launch Trailer


Get Even Uncovers The Truth in This New Launch Trailer

Get ready to question reality with this upcoming psychological horror title.

Bandai Namco and Farm 51’s horror-infused shooter Get Even is releasing on June 23, and to commemorate its impending launch, a brand new trailer is now out in the wild that nudges viewers to “uncover the truth.”

The trailer is an eerie, atmospheric jaunt that begins in a darkened room with several paintings and the protagonist carrying a smartphone that looks like he’s taking photos of his surroundings. All hell breaks loose as the trailer ramps up and throws creepy kids’ decor, cakes, and other assemblages of normalcy sprinkled with crazy masked enemies and gunplay.

It all leads up to a frenetic finale with dissolving paintings, trippy mannequins, and the characters in-game questioning their own sense of self. It all culminates in a photo of a clock and a woman sitting alone in a room with her hands cuffed behind her back. What’s going on, exactly? That’s for you to find out in Get Even, of course.

It looks to be subverting many of the typical tropes you see in shooters, implementing psychological horror and thriller ideas rather than straight-up “kill everyone just because they’re there,” and that should make for a good, chilling experience. It’s not about to give away all its secrets in the trailer, though.

If you’re interested in unraveling all the mysteries, you can pick up Get Even when it launches on June 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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