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Top 5 Best Indie Games From E3 2017


Top 5 Best Indie Games From E3 2017

They could even teach AAA titles a few things.


Detention is just as beautiful as it is downright eerie. When it comes to creating the appropriate atmosphere for a game, Red Candle can easily teach the big guys a thing or two. Detention is a point and click game for PC which is expected to make its way over to the PS4 soon. The gameplay is simple but its art direction is something that is worthy of much praise. Red Candle utilized every tool imaginable to make sure this game left players with goosebumps.

While this is a horror game, it takes a very deliberate step away from jump scare tactics. This game isn’t one that’s mean to deliver fear through something unexpectedly bursting through a door. No. It’s much more profound than that. Detention uses a chill inducing soundtrack, a blood splattered backdrop, contrasting elements of light and dark, references to Taiwan’s’ “White Terror” period, and mental mind games to deliver their scares. Detention also provides a unique cultural perspective that has yet to be explored like this in a modern video game.

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