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Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto: Where to Find the Goggles


Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto: Where to Find the Goggles

Where to Find the Goggles in Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Promtpo puts the cheery party member out into the frozen wilds of Niflheim to fend for himself. While the first part of the DLC is mostly linear, the second part opens up a little bit to let you explore a vast snowfield. There are some unlockable items to be found in Episode Promtpo, including a new outfit that adds on a pair of snazzy goggles to Prompto’s tundra attire. You’ll also again a bonus to your HP and ice resistance by wearing this version of the outfit.

To find the Goggles you’ll first have to advance the story of Episode Prompto to after the campfire scene with Aranea. Once you have the quest Moving Forward, head due south from the campfire you rested at. On the right side of the lake just before it starts curving left you’ll find a small shack with a water tower next to it. Just follow the roads next to the lake and you’re sure to run into it. Head inside the shack and pick up the shiny blue object to find the Goggles outfit.

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