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Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto: How to Take a Selfie


Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto: How to Take a Selfie

How to Take a Selfie in Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Prompto has finally released, and its gameplay has been altered to match the character. As you might expect, that means that you’ve got plenty of guns to shoot and pictures to take. Episode Prompto even allows you to take selfies right in the middle of a battle, although not just anytime you feel like it.

Battles in Episode Prompto play out a little differently as you’ll have access to a handgun, close quarters knife, and a number of other firearms. Attacking enemies in any of those ways builds up a meter for Prompto’s Bullet Arts. If you hit the left trigger you’ll bring up the options for his different bullets arts, and on the right side see Selfie Shot. You need to attack enemies until you’ve built up two section of the meter, and then you’ll be able to use the Selfie Shot Bullet Art.

The ability, of course, doesn’t do anything to enemies but it does allow you to snap a stylish picture with any enemy you want. You can even go into the menu and view all the selfies you take whenever you want.

For more guides on both Final Fantasy XV and Episode Prompto, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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