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Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto: How Long It Is


Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto: How Long It Is

How Long Is Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto?

Final Fantasy XV’s latest piece of DLC is here with Episode Prompto. This new chapter in the game takes place during the later half of Final Fantasy XV when Prompto finds himself all alone, and although it is self-contained there are substantial spoilers in the DLC, so we recommend at least playing through the main campaign first. For anyone that has played the main game, you’re probably wondering just how long Episode Prompto is.

Episode Prompto’s length is pretty comparable to that of Episode Gladio, and it should take you somewhere between an hour and a half and 2 hours to beat the story. There is slightly more exploration in Prompto’s episode, however, and some collectibles to obtain as well. Beating the main story also unlocks a time trial mode and intensive training, so you can easily add a few more hours to your playtime if interested. This is the second episode to release for Final Fantasy XV, with Episode Ignis now getting a release date in December 2017. Additionally, Square Enix recently announced to expect big news on XV at Gamescom.

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