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Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: Sirensong Sea Dungeon Guide


Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: Sirensong Sea Dungeon Guide

Horrors of the sea.

Sirensong Sea Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

The Sirensong Sea is the first dungeon you’ll unlock in Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion. It’s part of the MSQ so you can’t miss it. You’ll have to be at least level 61 in order to attempt it.

There are three bosses in the dungeon, each equipped with their own unique set of mechanics. The mechanics aren’t too complicated, but we’ve broken them down below to give you an idea of what to expect, and how to survive their moves.

First Boss: Lugat

Lugat has a couple of dangerous moves to watch out for. The first is Amorphous Applause, which is an AoE that covers half the arena. The attack will target a random player, so it’s best to stick a little closer to him so you can run out of the AoE easily. Make sure to sprint if you have to.

Hydroball is another dangerous attack to watch out for. One player will have a marker over their head, and the attack will deal a lot of damage to them. Have all your party members stack together to spread the damage.

Other than that, Lugat has moves that will either push you away, or drag players into melee range. There are also regular AoE attacks to watch out for, but they’re nothing too complex.

Second Boss: The Governor

The Governor is the second boss in the Sirensong Sea, and he’s all about AoE attacks. Shadowflow is a move where the boss sinks into the ground, causing several dark AoE spots to pop up on the ground. Avoid standing in them.

Shadowsplit is an AoE attack that spawns boss clones, causing more dark AoE spots to appear.

Bloodburst is another room-wide AoE attack that can’t be avoided, so if you’re a healer, be ready to heal through the damage.

Enter Night is a dangerous attack that will place a tether on a random player. If you’re tethered, make sure to run as far away as possible from the boss to break the link.

Third Boss: Lorelei

Lorelei isn’t too bad once you learn her gimmick. She’ll spawn several AoE spots on the ground that are easily avoided. However, she has two moves that she can use to force you into them.

The first is Morbid Advance, which forces all players to move forward in whatever direction they’re facing. When she begins casting it, make sure that you don’t have any AoE spots lying in the path in front of you. Morbid Advance will move you forward, but as long as there aren’t any AoE spots in your path, you should be fine.

Morbid Retreat is basically the same thing as Morbid Advance, except it forces you to walk in the opposite direction of where you’re facing. Make sure that the path behind you is clear when she begins casting it.

Somber Melody is a room-wide AoE attack that healers will need to heal through.

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