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Everything We Know About Dissidia Final Fantasy NT So Far


Everything We Know About Dissidia Final Fantasy NT So Far

Prepare yourself.

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It’s a Port of an Arcade Game

Square Enix has finally announced a Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the newest fighting spinoff entry that brings characters from across the series together. However, the game has actually been out for just over two year in Japan, as an arcade title. As such, it’s a bit different from previous Dissidia games, both in terms of gameplay and the fact that there isn’t a story mode present as of now. It’s also important to note that the arcade game is developed primarily by Koei Tecmo, instead of Square Enix.

Of course the arcade version’s focus is fighting other players head to head, but Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will allow you to play by yourself. Just like previous entries in the series, you’ll be perfectly find if you’re just looking to play the title on your own. In Japan, the developers are even looking at ways for arcade users to transfer over a bit of progress and data.

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