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FFXIV Stormblood: Where to Start & Unlock Samurai Job Quest


FFXIV Stormblood: Where to Start & Unlock Samurai Job Quest

Have you picked up FFXIV: Stormblood and are eagerly waiting to jump right in and level your favorite far-eastern melee class the Samurai? Well in order to get started, you have to meet a few requirements first, all of which should be easy as long as you’ve been playing up to the most recent expansion, Heavensward.

You must first be at least level 50 in either the Disciple of War or Magic class, and also have access to the Stormblood expansion (of course). Unlike the Heavensward jobs, you actually don’t need to have access to the new areas. You can jump right into Samurai without starting any of the new main scenario quests.

Simply head on over to the Ul’Dahn citizen found in the Steps of Nald in Ul’Dah at X:9.2,Y’9.1 and begin the quest: “The Way of the Samurai.” From there, you can follow the quest instructions, or check out our unlock guide which comes packed in with some beginner tips to get you through the first early levels. The Samurai is a powerful melee attacker the relies on filling up its job gauge by charging Sen effects by using certain weaponskills. As you charge your Sen gauge, you’ll gain access to new and more powerful weaponskills that you can utilize in battle for maximum DPS depending on the situation.

That does it for where to start and unlock the Samrau quest in FFXIV: Stormblood. Don’t forget to use your Samurai attire coffer so you can look the part. Best of luck in Ala’Mihgo!

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