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9 Must-Have Features For Far Cry 5


9 Must-Have Features For Far Cry 5

We can’t wait.

Strong Stealth Mechanics

far cry 5

The stealth mechanics in the Far Cry series have come a long way since the first game. Far Cry 3 allowed us to take down enemies silently using a bow and arrow, silenced guns, and a trusty combat knife. This allowed players to take out enemy bases without the alarm ever being sounded, but there’s still room for improvement. Veteran Far Cry players will know the feeling of frustration when, just as you think you’ve got the drop on an enemy, someone from across the camp spots you and raises the alarm.

Given that Far Cry 5 is set in modern America rather than a remote corner of the world, it seems reasonable that the player will have more technology at hand. Ubisoft has shown how technology can be used to aid the player in the Watch Dogs games and hopefully some of that tech will be present in Far Cry 5. Rather than using your binoculars to scout an enemy camp, wouldn’t it be cool to have a small drone fly over and check it out for you? Maybe it could be possible to hack into their tech so, if you’re spotted, the alarm fails to work? Stealth can be tricky to nail in first-person games, but the past few Far Cry games have gotten it down pretty well. Here’s hoping Far Cry 5 perfects it.

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