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Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Brings Plenty of Gorgeous Views and Excessive Action


Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Brings Plenty of Gorgeous Views and Excessive Action

Ready to own the battlefield again?

Dynasty Warriors 9 is going to be quite a departure for the franchise, finally taking things into a fully open world. Koei Tecmo has officially released the debut trailer for the game, giving us our first look at what we can expect from the open world title.

The trailer starts off with some impressive views, detailing the increased scope of Dynasty Warriors 9. It doesn’t take long, however, for things to jump right into the series’ trademark over-the-top action as we see Guan Yu, Xiahou Dun, and others mow down hundreds of soldiers. Things look even more explosive than ever, and there’s also a look at the weather and day/night cycle of the game. Finally the trailer ends with Zhao Yun, the Dynasty Warriors poster boy, standing atop a mountain. Take a look down below, and here’s a quick description of the game’s new combat system from Koei Tecmo.

“DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 introduces exhilarating new combat mechanics to the series’ signature “one versus thousands” style gameplay with the State Combo System. This new system allows players to perform 3 different attack styles – Trigger Attacks, Flow Attacks and Finish Attacks – each dealing progressively more damage. Trigger Attacks allow players to create the start of an explosive combo, leading to Flow Attacks, which adapt to the enemy’s current state. Successful combos allow for a Finish Attack to be performed, delivering a final blow that eradicates any foes caught in its path. These new enhancements aim to create a thrilling and fluid experience unlike any previous entry in the franchise.”

Dynasty Warriors 9 currently doesn’t have a release date, although it has been confirmed for PS4 in Japan. Although Koei Tecmo has said they’ll be bringing the game to the West, no consoles have been confirmed as of yet for North America.


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