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Dragon Ball FighterZ Goes Super Saiyan in World Premiere Trailer


Dragon Ball FighterZ Goes Super Saiyan in World Premiere Trailer

Rock the dragon!

The Dragon Ball FighterZ world premiere trailer was unveiled at Microsoft’s press conference today, with a deliberately stylized capital Z on the end of that title.

The teaser trailer features extremely fast-paced battles, which is about par for the course when it comes to this series. This is Dragon Ball we’re talking about, after all. Would we expect anything less? The trailer doesn’t give us any story details but the hyper fast-paced gameplay looks to give all other fighting games a run for their money. If one-on-one just isn’t enough for you, the trailer makes mention that there will be 3VS3 battles. There are so many attacks that are happening onscreen at once, it’ll take a little getting used to in order to process all of the jaw-dropping action.

The visual style keeps in line with the artistic flare of the Dragon Ball series, which is a nice touch. The trailer also features several fan-favorite characters such as Goku, Frieza, Cell,  and Majin Buu, among others. A full list of characters has yet to be revealed.

It is far too early to tell, but it sure seems like this new fighter will be doing justice to the popular anime series. A Dragon Ball Z fighting game seemed to be off of everyone’s radars going into E3, but it certainly was a welcome sight to see.

A release date hasn’t been firmly announced, but it looks to be aiming for early-2018. That’s a long ways out so we will certainly be hearing a lot more about this title in the coming months. So get ready to go Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball FighterZ! 


This post was originally authored by Brandt Prescott.

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