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Don’t Get Your Hopes Up for These 5 Games at E3 2017


Don’t Get Your Hopes Up for These 5 Games at E3 2017

It just wasn’t meant to be.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up for These Games at E3 2017

final fantasy vii remake

When Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced at Sony’s E3 conference back in 2015, fans all over the world lost their minds. Arguably the most iconic title in the series was returning with a fresh lick of paint. Unfortunately, the title’s early development has been anything but smooth sailing, especially with the recent news that Square Enix has moved development in-house.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t been ruled out of showing up at E3 2017, it’s certainly not looking good. Square Enix recently told fans that it’s likely the game will come out in the next three years or so. With that in mind and with the recent shift to internal development, it’s highly unlikely Square Enix has anything prepared to showcase the game’s progress. While it’d be great to see it shaping up nicely, it’s probably best to just keep your expectations grounded on this one.

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