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Dirt 4: How to Drift


Dirt 4: How to Drift


Mastering the cornering in Dirt 4 is key to fast times and beating other racers online. In the later tracks in Rally stages, or in all Rallycross tracks, tight corners are the biggest challenge and you need to learn how to conquer them without slowing down too much and losing too much time.

Drifting in Dirt 4 is the best way to quickly get around these corners, but it does mean that you need to push your car to the edge of what it can do. When your co-driver warns you of an upcoming hairpin turn, begin to brake as normal, without slowing down too much. Then, as you enter the turn, press the handbrake button (circle/B) to swing the car around the corner. It will allow you to turn quickly while keeping up your speed so that you exit the corner as fast as you can. Drifting in the right turns, and timing it perfectly, can be tough, but it is vital to being quick around the tracks and beating opponents online and on harder difficulties. That’s everything you need to know about drifting in Dirt 4.

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