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Top 10 Best Games of May 2017, According to Metacritic


Top 10 Best Games of May 2017, According to Metacritic

A clear winner for the month of May.

Prey – Metacritic Score: 82 (Average)


Prey had built up quite a bit of anticipation ahead of its launch and most critics feel like it lived up to its hype. Critics have described the game as “compelling,” “engrossing,” and “sublime” after diving into the fascinating world Bethesda has created. When it comes to really creating an immersive atmosphere, Prey excels in every way possible while also offering a rich narrative.

There is no denying that the game is solid overall but that doesn’t mean it is void of missteps. Perhaps its most obvious shortcoming comes in the form of lackluster graphics. To be fair, the graphics weren’t horrible by any means but it is rather disappointing to see a game like Prey not offer mind-blowing graphics. Not to mention the fact that the game didn’t have any PS4 Pro enhancements at launch. Prey just feels like a game that was meant to be downright gorgeous. Fortunately, there are more than enough successes available to distract you from disappointing graphics. With Talos I being such a joy to explore and the game offering a lot of freedom to play however you prefer, it’s easy to see why the title earned mostly favorable reviews.

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