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Aven Colony: How to Get More Power and Electricity


Aven Colony: How to Get More Power and Electricity

Bare essentials.

Getting More Power and Electricity in Aven Colony

Just like Nanite, Power is yet another important resource that you need to keep track of in Aven Colony. Most buildings (aside from Power-generating structures, of course) will require a certain amount of Nanite and Power before you can actually construct it.

Thankfully, Power is a relatively easy resource to obtain in the game, as they can be generated with various structures. Keep in mind that you need to have enough Nanite to construct them, so always prioritize getting more Nanite first. Once you have the necessary resources, select your Electricity Structures tab to view a full list of buildings that will help you generate Power. Make sure to connect them to your colony itself so you can actually gain the electricity. This can be done by building a generator right next to the colony, or by constructing tunnels to connect them together.

Unlike Nanite Processors, these buildings won’t let you gain a set amount of Power every turn, which means that you have to build more of them if you want to keep that supply up.

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