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Aven Colony: How to Get More Colonists and Increase Population


Aven Colony: How to Get More Colonists and Increase Population

Put those colonists to work!

Getting More Colonists in Aven Colony

As the game’s title would suggest, Aven Colony is all about expanding your new settlement. Which means that you’ll need actual colonists to help keep everything running. Colonists are important as they are the ones who will keep all your buildings and structures running, ensuring that you have a healthy supply of Nanite and other resources every turn.

To attract colonists to your colony, you should consider building Immigration Centers so that you can start receiving three extra workers with every dropship landing. However, if you have certain policies active, be aware that your colonists may start to leave if they’re feeling dissatisfied with their living conditions (caused by not having enough food, water, amenities, and housing).

Aside from building Immigration Centers, you can also receive more workers and increase your population by fulfilling early game tasks. This will give you a small boost to population, which should help with your colony efficiency and production. I suggest building those Immigration Centers once you complete these early tasks so that you can keep the population growing at a steady clip. Remember to build housing for them though.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and information on Aven Colony.

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