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Atlus at E3 2017: What to Expect Them to Show


Atlus at E3 2017: What to Expect Them to Show

More SMT, please.

Atlus at E3 2017


Atlus has been on the up and up ever since the release of Persona 3 back on the PS2, but the company only really began to hit its stride with the Vita port of Persona 4. Persona 4 Golden packed in hours of new content, giving series fans more fleshed out characters and stories to explore, while also introducing the polished RPG high school life simulator formula to new players who’d never played a Persona game before.

With the massively successful launch of Persona 5 back in April, Atlus is officially one of the top JRPG developers to look out for, and you can be sure that they’ll have a big presence at E3 2017 alongside SEGA. Here are our predictions for the company, and what we think they’re likely to bring to E3 this year.

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