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ARMS: How to Unlock New Arms


ARMS: How to Unlock New Arms

Variety is the spice of life.

How to Unlock New Arms in ARMS

So you’ve gotten pretty tired of your fighter’s default punching tools, and you want to unlock some new Arms to play with in… ARMS. The great thing about this game is that while every character starts off with three default gloves, you can always unlock new and different ones to shake up their play style. For instance, Master Mummy is often seen equipped with the Megatons, but you can turn him into a side-hitting pro by equipping him with Slapamanders and Dragons as well.

Before you can unlock them, though, you’ll have to earn enough currency. Once you have at least 30 currency, head over to the ‘Get New Arms’ option in the bottom right corner of the main menu. You’ll have three different options to choose from, with the cheapest one being priced at 30 currency. The more expensive options will give you more time to score points, but the lowest one is sufficient for beginners.

Selecting the option will initiate a minigame. Choose whichever character you want to unlock a new weapon for, and start punching out the targets that appear in front of you. Occasionally, you’ll see present bags, which contain a bonus glove for a random character that you didn’t choose. There will also be stopwatches that you can hit for extra time on the clock.

At the end of the minigame, you’ll get one guaranteed glove for whichever character you chose to clear the minigame with, along with gloves that you unlocked by hitting the presents during the game itself.

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