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ARMS: How to Play Online


ARMS: How to Play Online

Time to get serious.

Playing Online in ARMS

If you’ve conquered the single-player Grand Prix mode of ARMS and you’re looking to test your springy punching skills against real players, this game has you covered. There are a few online modes to choose from in the game, and whether you’re just playing for fun or you’re looking for a more competitive experience, there’s something for everyone.

First off, for those looking to just dip their toes into the online multiplayer experience for the first time, head over to the Party option in the main menu. This will automatically put you into a lobby with several other players, and your group will be automatically split up into different game modes. The game mode is picked at random, and they include things like Hoops, V-Ball, Battle Royale, paired 2v2 fights, and regular 1v1 fights. You’ll earn currency as you continue to play online, and you can use those to unlock more Arms for your favorite fighters.

If you want to get a bit more serious about the game, you can also play Ranked matches, which is an available option on the main menu as well. As the name suggests, you’ll be matched up against other players, and winning your matches will increase your skill rank.

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