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4 Nintendo Characters That Would Make Perfect Fighters in ARMS


4 Nintendo Characters That Would Make Perfect Fighters in ARMS

If Nintendo cameos ever made their way into ARMS…

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Ambipom is a “Long Tail” Pokemon that first appeared in the Diamond and Pearl generation. To get one, fans must evolve an Aipom by leveling it up until it learns the move Double Hit. It’s a Normal-type and has access to moves such as Fury Swipes, Scratch, and Dual Chop. Appearance-wise, it is a purple simian-looking monkey with two tails. Because its tails act like hands, the Pokemon rarely uses its arms.

From its appearance alone, Ambipom would be one of the perfect Nintendo candidates for ARMS. The Pokemon is skilled in physical combat with its extendable twin tails and natural finesse. Ambipoms are said to have brilliant speed and can leap from tree to tree, making it a powerful foe. In ARMS, the pocket monster could have access to some of its in-game attacks, similar to how Pokken uses real moves from the game. For its unique ability, Ambipom could have Technician, which powers up its light punches after losing a certain amount of health. Overall, Ambipom would be a great fighter for new players.

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