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ARMS: How to Jump


ARMS: How to Jump

Be light on your feet.

Jumping in ARMS

Jumping is a great way to mix up your combos and keep your opponents on their toes in ARMS. It’s also a good way to dodge low attacks, and react with a counterattack from up top.

To jump, simply press the R button on your right Joy-Con if you’re using motion controls. If you’re using a controller, press the X button instead. The cool thing about jumping is that you can do so even as you’re strafing left and right. This can get you out of danger quickly, and it’s also a good technique to keep in mind if your opponent keeps going for grabs and throws. A handy technique to master is to jump, and then quickly hit your opponent with a curved attack (the Chakrams and Slapamanders work great for this) before following up with a standard punch attack with your other hand.

Of course, your opponent will be able to start countering you pretty easily if you just rely on that technique, so remember to mix in some ground attacks too whenever that happens. Jumping also allows you to grab unsuspecting opponents, so make use of that.

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