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ARMS: How to Grab and Throw Opponents


ARMS: How to Grab and Throw Opponents

Use it carefully.

Grabbing and Throwing Opponents in ARMS

Grabbing your opponent and throwing them to the ground is an easy way to deal damage in ARMS, though it is very easily punishable as well if you’re not being careful. To grab and throw an opponent, all you have to do is deal two punches at the same time. If you’re using motion controls, push both Joy-Cons outwards at the same time to initiate it. If you’re using a controller, press the A and B buttons together.

Grabs work best when your opponents are being extremely defensive and constantly blocking your regular punches. If you see them blocking, simply do a grab and you’ll be able to deal about 150 damage, depending on which fighter you’re using. Grabs can be easily blocked if your opponent throws a punch straight into your grab, rendering you helpless for about a second. If your grab happens to miss, you’ll also be left wide open to a counterattack because both your arms will be indisposed. Use them wisely, and only if you’re sure that you’ll be able to land them, or your opponent could end up turning the tables on you.

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