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ARMS: How to Curve Your Punches


ARMS: How to Curve Your Punches

Catch your foes off-guard.

Curving Your Punches in ARMS

A great way to mix up your fighting game in ARMS is by throwing curved punches at your opponents before following up with a second attack. All in-game Arms are capable of curving when you punch, but there are a few that are designed specifically for curving. For instance, the Chakram, Boomerang, and Slapamander are all great for curves, and these are typically used to prevent opponents from side-stepping too much.

To throw a curved punch, simply punch normally while you’re strafing left or right. If you’re using motion controls, you can also tilt your Joy-Con left or right while punching to make it curve. It’s much easier to curve your punches with motion controls than with a standard controller. If your opponent is moving to your left, you’ll want to curve your punch to the left so that the arm hits your opponent quicker. If they happen to dodge the curve by moving in the other direction, you can then throw a straight punch with your second arm to catch them before they get away. Curved punches can also be done from the air.

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