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ARMS: How to Charge Up Your Attacks


ARMS: How to Charge Up Your Attacks

Even more powerful punches.

Charging Up Your Attacks in ARMS

You can deal out regular punches, and that’s usually enough to finish off most of your opponents in ARMS. However, if you really want to dish out the pain, you’ll want to learn how to use charged attacks in the game.

Charged attacks will deal a lot more damage than regular ones, and they’re extremely effective if your goal is to injure one of your opponent’s arms to render it useless for a short period of time. To charge up a punch, simply hold down the L or R button, depending on which arm you want to charge up. After holding it down for a couple of seconds, your arm will start to glow brighter and spin a little bit faster, indicating that it’s been charged. You can then throw out a punch to perform a charged attack. If you’re using a standard controller, hold down the X and Y buttons to charge your attacks.

If you block for more than a couple of seconds, both of your arms will also start to charge up, but be careful, as your opponent may try to grab you during this time.

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