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ARMS: How to Equip New and Different Arms


ARMS: How to Equip New and Different Arms

Mix things up a little.

How to Equip New and Different Arms in ARMS

ARMS lets you shake up the combat style of each character in the game by equipping them with new gloves. Every character has three default gloves unlocked at the start of the game, and you can change them up at the start of every fight. Before a fight starts, you can use the left and right analog sticks to equip different Arms to suit your playstyle.

However, if your selection of three gloves doesn’t quite appeal to you, you can unlock even more. After accumulating a fair bit of currency and participating in the mini game to help unlock more gloves, you can then replace the three default ones you had at the beginning. Simply go to the ‘Set Arms’ option at the bottom of the main menu and select the character you want to equip. You’ll see your three default gloves at the side of the screen, along with the collection of new ones you’ve unlocked over the course of the game. Select the one you want to replace, and then select the new glove that you want to use. After that, close the menu, and continue playing the game. Now, you’ll be able to use the new glove in your matches. Keep in mind that you can only have three available ones to switch between during matches.

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