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Sucker Punch’s New Game is Still Happening, Despite No E3 Showing


Sucker Punch’s New Game is Still Happening, Despite No E3 Showing

If we’re lucky, we’ll see an announcement later this year.

After a new game from Infamous developer Sucker Punch was curiously absent at E3 this year, many wondered that the game, whatever it was, could’ve been quietly cancelled – we haven’t heard anything of the game at all, apart from a confirmation that it will be happening a long time ago. But many might not have noticed that PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida himself confirmed during E3 that the game was indeed still happening.

Yoshida made the confirmation during a conversation with GameSpot, saying that he’s already played the game many times internally, and that it was very fun. “I have played many, many more times of such game; and every time I play…” at this point Yoshida cut himself off, saying he shouldn’t be saying any more. “It is a game. They are not making movies. It is now very narrow.”

You can check out the video where he gives these details below, where he also talks about God of War, the Shadow of the Colossus Remake, and more.

The last game released by Sucker Punch, Infamous: First Light, was released back in 2014 to a somewhat positive reception, and left many asking for more; we can only hope that this extended development period (of at least two years now) means the game will be the best one yet. In 2015, a PlayStation representative spoke to GameSpot, saying he’d played the game and that it was fun in the state it was in, but a lot was subject to change.

If we were to speculate, we’d say its quite likely that Sucker Punch’s latest game, which could very well be a new IP, will show up at PlayStation’s other major event this year, PlayStation Experience, which is set to happen this December. PS Experience has been the host of many major announcements in the past.

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