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5 Video Game Urban Legends That Had Players Searching Endlessly


5 Video Game Urban Legends That Had Players Searching Endlessly

Did any of these fool you?



One of the great legends in gaming were the many different ways to find Mew within Pokemon Red and Blue. The legends grew as children and adult minds went wild with rumors; rumors that weren’t so easily debunked as they are now with the presence of social media.

One of the widely claimed truths of obtaining the coveted Mew was that the legendary Pokemon could be found hiding under a truck. The location of the truck was out of place and nobody could decide what the actual point of this truck was. So it must lead to Mew, right? The theory was that players needed to acquire the Hidden Move Surf ability, which couldn’t be obtained until late in the game. Players would then need to swim to the furthest side of the harbor, locate the truck and then use Strength to push the truck out of the way. It sounded convincing and many players fell for it.

Despite these rumors being debunked, thanks to countless hours of players attempting them, there is a way to find Mew within the game. Albeit, through glitches players have discovered.


This post was originally authored by Brandt Prescott.

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